1221 EP

by The Groggies

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released December 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Groggies Orillia, Ontario

Half fueled by lager and ale, the other half fueled by caffeine and aspartame, THE GROGGIES are an old school hardcore punk band from the Barrie/Orillia area.

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Track Name: Ready For The Fire
Ready For The Fire

I'm done talking, what is the point?
I would like to kill everyone in this joint
I can't connect and never really could
Am I a sociopath, or if I was perhaps I would?

Wash my pills down with stagnant water
I am ready for the fire
Slap my face and call me a liar
I am ready for the fire

Your level, no rhetorical type of question
But here is one little suggestion
Wear some fire retardeat type of protection
I have a flame thrower for an interjection
Track Name: No Number
No Number

I watch fools suffer gladly
No one will ever really have me
The ill begotten wretched one
The apocalyptic son
The supermen can never have fun
Gotta keep killing 'til the killing's done
Me, I'm going to get in my kicks
Laugh in the face of all their licks

I have no number
I have no name
There is no direction from which I came

Is there life, or is it vacant and dead?
Is it hope, or does it fill you with dread?
I don't trust a single thing you say
You're an obstacle, get out of my way
Me and you, I'm tired of this conversation
I was born and bred for alienation
The vultures they circle overhead
Laugh if they take the eyes out of your head
Track Name: Kill the Wretched
Kill the Wretched

May the strong dominate the weak
Show no mercy on the meek
This world is the only one we have
Show them it's not ever up for grabs

Let the minority rule the majority
Eliminate Democracy, its hypocracy
Let the minority rule the majority
Eliminate Democracy

Overlords' commands you must obey
Destroy anyone who gets in the way
On one common bed we must lay
I want a Superman guiding the way

Kill the wretched that try to resist
They should be thankful to exist
Guns beat the passive every time
Easy to shoot when they walk in line
Track Name: One to Blame
One To Blame

I have lost all hope
I just can't cope
But I will not complain
I haven't been drinking

I am the only one to blame
I am the only one to blame
I am the only one to blame
Go back the way from which I came

But I have blurry thinking
My legs are going to buckle
It's just a big fucking drain
Find me face down in the rain
Track Name: Modern Sacrifices
Moderen Sacrifices

The vultures smell it and circle overhead
A sacrifice will be had, someone will be dead
Ancient rites performed amongst the cobblestone
God must be satisfied, he is tired of being alone

Take it out, put it away
Blush in fear, learn to obey
No substance, but Iron Faith
His cruelty you cannot escape

The flames lick and hit against the cold sky
Outside of the mob, the few wonder why
They are deviants of no account or of no use
When they are found their turn for ritual abuse

No one knows, but them and they know why
Others words are nothing but a pack of lies
Now they're storming the skyscrapers
The devine sacrificial God only scavangers
Track Name: Will Implode
Will Implode

My nails make me worry
My heart beats in a hurry
My hands don't feel like my hands
My feet don't feel like my feet
Embrace the blanket of defeat
Spinning round, awful dizzy
Hit the ground with a splat
It will be the end of that

Not going to explode
Tonight I will implode

Selfishness in all of this
Blood rushes into the abyss
Someone help, if you can
But you can't eternal damned
Just this night only this night
Embrace the hate, but it's no fight
Things are blurry, I'm on edge
Now there bright, my bet I hedge

Thoughts are racing
Started in on the pacing
Through the dark lies fear
I need to get out of here
But there's no place to run
Finds me with their cold hard gun
Not friends with time
No way to unwind
Track Name: Final Hour

Is this all just a waste of time?
Do you see the shadows, or do you see the light?
Is this all just a dream of mine?
Do you read the words, or do you read between the lines?

Let's tear down the ivory towers
Let's find meaning in these final hours
Let's tear down the ivory towers
In our final hour

Doomed to roam these empty halls
Do you see the windows, or do you see the walls?
Doomed to dirt and a funeral pyre
Do you see the sparks, or do you see the fire?

This is the final hour
Track Name: Never Measured Up
Measured Up

Everyone said it was your time
And that you were going to shine
Failure would be a crime
'Cause you had everything going for you
People they looked on in reverence
Now you're on your knees doing penance

You never measured up
You never measured up
You never measured up
You never measured up

On top of the world in every way
Your dreams in sight one day
Everything possible that you could think
But all that's flushed down the sink
The blows they came and rained hard
From your potential you are barred

There's no saving grace
Just a worn out face
You're a wasted out shell
Life now is a living hell
That's the way it will stay
This grind will never go away
Track Name: Minority of One
Minority Of 1

I talk and it talks back
Stop forcefeeding me crap
What kind of thoughts, my own?
All I want is to be alone
Locked doors and men in vests brutalize
In the eyes of all stigmatized
What's lucid? Who is to say?
Crushing weights stand in the way

Minority of 1
Land of the frail, land of the gun

Regurgitating all you have been taught
Release is only to a maze where I can be caught
Trapped like a rat from cradle to grave
Watched to see how I might misbehave
Some offences you don't even have to perform
They deem it unacceptable, if your thoughts don't conform
The easy way to get to the other side
Is do a song and dance and tell lots of lies

Multiple visits...longer stay...up the dose
For my crimes, I have no remorse
Revolving door until my death
Spit my meds in your face with my last breath
Collection of misfits I do not want to belong
I will stand on my own, sing my own song
Track Name: People Person
People Person

I'm a people person
I'm a team player
I'm a people person
Who was I trying to kid?

I guess I lied on my resume
Thinking it would get me ahead
I was just lying to myself
Now it looks like I'm stuck here until I'm dead

How did I think I could make it this far?
What made me think I could belong in this place?
How did I ever fake it this far?
I never wanted to be part of this race